Camping and cabins

Feriehjemmet Camping has cabins for rent on a weekly basis. Contact for more information.

Høysand Camping in Skjebergkilen is also a very good alternative. Contact

Utne Camping have rooms, cabins, apartments and caravans for rent. Contact


There are good offers at the hotels in Sarpsborg:

Quality Hotel and Resort

Scandic Sarpsborg

Hotell 1016 Olav Digre

The largest hotel is Quality Hotel and Resort. It has 250 rooms and 750 beds. If you book before the 1st of April, you will be able to book at a lower rate.

Quality Hotel and Resort Sarpsborg is Norway’s largest family and conference hotel. You’ll find a large, renovated water park, a play area with a climbing wall, minigolf, climbing frame, maze and a play ground. The hotel is located next to E6. There are now 85 rooms available from Friday till Saturday, and 30 rooms available from Saturday till Sunday. Remember to use the code «O-festivalen» when booking. That way, you’ll get O-festival prices.

There are two hotels in the center of Sarpsborg. Scandic Hotel is in the middle of the sprint arena, and has 67 rooms. Scandic is fully booked for the festival weekend.

Hotell 1016 Olav Digre is a quaint hotel with 20 rooms and 39 beds. The hotel is fully booked for the festival weekend.

PS. If you still haven’t booked your accomodation, there are hotels both in Fredrikstad and Halden as well.

Schools, club houses and caravanettes/motor homes

Some schools, club houses and two outdoor pursuits centres in the area are available for accomodation. Send an email to for more information. Both of the outdoor pursuits centres are fully booked, but there are still schools and club houses available.

A site for caravanettes will be fasilitated in the center of Sarpsborg. It is not possible to camp at Rudskogen arena. Contact if you want to rent a space for your caravanette/motor home. This will be at Kruseløkka School, which is also the assembly point.

NB! Since both the hotels in the city center are inside the sprint arena, there will be restrictions for elite runners until after the sprint on Friday.